Monday, October 17, 2011

Dream Meanings

Had an odd dream last night about someone I know, who was acting as a magician, including black top hat and those trousers with a shiny black line down them. His magic tricks were pretty poor and incredibly slow.
I was chosen from the audience to take part, mainly because I could pretend to be amazed at when a toilet roll appeared from behind my shoulder. There was something about coffee and a doll as well.
I told you it was odd.
Some dreams stay with you for the day don't they. As though they are begging to be solved like mini episodes of a long running drama. The peculiar feeling I had during the dream, stayed with me all day.
No matter what issue I was trying to solve, the magician was right there, and it felt like nothing got solved.
Again, I told you it was odd.
Come to think of it, I have dreamt about magic shows before and they always feature me being selected from the audience to participate.
Perhaps it's something from a script, begging to be brought out from the drawer again?
Perhaps I could count this blog as a letter to the Universe, asking for clarity. "Please tell me in my next dream what message you have for me."
And now, I'm just plain scaring myself. Why do I suddenly see the Exorcist girl with her spinning head??
Why can I hear the theme tune to Amityville Horror? (My brother and I can never hum that tune without going into a rendition of  Funicul√¨, Funicul√†!)
Great, now I'm not going to sleep and will to sit up all night making myself jump.
Perhaps I should bake that box of chocolate brownie mix I have hidden in the kitchen and watch Encore Love movies all night.
Why did I have to think of asking for messages!!! Who does that?
I have to change my thought pattern.
I just opened a book at random and it says; "Why would anyone want to listen to the messages of the Lower Self?"
See, that makes sense.
Wait - lower self? Does that refer to hell?
Now I've gotRosemary's Baby in my head!!!!
I'm going for the chocolate brownie mix and happy QVC selling pretty scarves with matching hats and mops to clean your kitchen!
Who needs sleep anyway?

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