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Rachel Zoe - again

Lieyeke, ohhhhhhhhh, woooow,  realeeeeeeeeeey, seeick.

Yes, I got sucked in and delighted with watching Rachel Zoe again. Honestly, tomorrow I am sending that woman a gift basket of pineapple pieces. The poor thing. Can you imagine, she is happily married, running her own business that she loves, living in a house she adores and is pregnant. What??? Why aren't people helping her? Quick Bono - start a fund!
 Let me just write that description again so you can realeeeeey get the seeeick point. She is married to a scruffy guy who she loves because she can wear the Valentino trousers she chose and boss him around, which he accepts while drinking Perrier water and peeking behind his hair. She has a fabulous business in fashion - not a part time job packing shelves in Shaw's Supermarket which she leaves at seven am to get to her real job, which is packing canned peaches till nine pm. She is living in a mini mansion with white walls, not a hospital unit with green walls and is nine m…


Saw the new movie 50/50 yesterday and I loved it.
It sounds peculiar to declare such enjoyment for a movie regarding cancer. I even felt odd with my keen interest to see it.
Pushing that aside, I went and was blown away by a script that is so simple and honest, with subtle acting from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and in particular Anjelica Huston.
Included in this cancer story is the father with Alzheimer's, and I admit when it was mentioned, my eyes rolled and I waited for the rude, bland comedy of forgetfulness. I was so wrong. The scenes involving the father were perfect; watch toward the end as the family walk up to the doctor for an update. Again I have to use the word subtle. It is those little things that make the big story. I would like to count up how many lines Anjelica Huston actually had, because her story was so complete in few words and actions. Damn good woman!!
Thank you to Will Reiser for taking his own personal experience with cancer and writing this script. It's in…