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Please forgive me, dear man, who was jogging on the path by Buttonwood Park today at approximately 4pm.
I was driving. You were jogging, in slow motion (how did you do that?)
You were jogging on your way to fitness while I was driving to DunkinDonuts.
The traffic had slowed, at first I thought for lights and now I wonder if it were simply a line of drivers (male and female) slightly braking just to catch a glimpse of you.
I am not a fan of people walking, running, gardening, working without shirts on. Unless you are at the beach, swimming pool or getting lucky.
You, Mister Buttonwood 2011, as I will now remember you, you must have invented shirtless.I bet your family tree leads you back to Adonis.
Oh my, what a great vision of tan and muscles. What a great chest, as the furniture salesman said to another.
I remember the doll of the Bionic Man, he had a chest like yours. Not in size of course, that would be weird.
Action man too, though he had that little scar on his face, that made …