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Here we are again

I know, I know better. I often scream "I wish I could quit you!" Of all people, I recognize how short life is and how pointless it is to get caught up with material issues. Especially materials that become either size four dresses or size twenty.
Yet, again this morning for at least forty minutes - I was convinced I could go on a detox diet.
I read the magazine article I have already read five times and felt inspired and excited at the thought of juices, salads and clean bowels. Just imagine - not yawning at 10am, not slapping yourself across the face in order to get some color to your cheeks, and not having to buy a dress and ALWAYS a cardigan to match in order to cover yourself.
The after photo of the victim successful detoxer made this look possible and of course the 21 day promise allowed me to see myself wearing a summer dress that did not look like something from Walton's mountain.

Then I begin to plan buying the blender that is required, oh, and the juicer that i…