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Until we meet again Oprah

Wednesday May 25th at 4pm USA Eastern time.
I was glued (such a funny description) to the television watching Oprah say "until we meet again."
When it is released for a seasonal special, please buy me a copy. No sarcasm either, I'm being honest. I found it captivating. So eloquent, confident, charming and damn honest.
My favorite message was validation.
I see you. I hear you. What you have to say matters to me.

For far too many years I have enjoyed conversations with Oprah in my bathroom or car.
Mainly celebrating the Oscar win for my movie, written by myself from the best selling novel, written by myself. Not many people realized in the movie either, that the woman in the Lycra sweat suit with buck teeth and bum to match, was actually me.Yes, I prefer to hide behind a funny character, I admit to Oprah, looking shy yet amazingly attractive.
In interviews I am always slim and always happy with shining hair. My message with Oprah was at first, humor, then hard work, then h…