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Angry Teacakes

People should only hire unhappy people to work. Or, losers. Perfect employee would be unhappy losers.
It is Friday evening and I'm working, not even from pressure of having so much to do! Just because I'm angry and have to hide it by working.

Instead of The Incredible Hulk, I have created a new super hero - The Incredible Teacake.
In normal mode, she is a coconut doormat with "Welcome" printed in bright orange happy letters.In smaller letters, bright pink - the words say "go on and dig those heels in!" It always makes people smile and they follow the instruction with great enthusiasm.
Occasionally, Doormat begins to sneeze with the level of dirt and unwanted debris that is being pushed onto her. She knows it's her life's purpose, yet still, just that one pair of too many high heels, pushes her over the door step.
Bits of thread stretch and rip, the yellow turns red like fire, until suddenly you hear a big loud PING.
The Ping from an Easy Bake oven. …

Insanity and Robert Bruce

Insanity is when you keep doing the exact same thing expecting a different result.
Yup, tick that box - I do that!
Robert Bruce said: If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.
Yup, tick that box as I also do that.

So dear fable and moral writers which should I do....because they don't work together it seems!
Example - today I thought to get myself out of a bad mood, I would take 30 minutes to mail a package to my Mum and brother.
Love gets to me and I realize I do not have anything for my brothers wife, Michelle. So I stop and buy her a few little care package things. Nice right?

Get to post office - no computers working its cash only.
Drive back down the road to an ATM.
Drive back up the road to the post office.
45 minutes later and 8 people behind me screaming "Get Out!!" - the post office have convinced me that my Mums town does not exist. Even though I have shipped there before, NO, it does not exist. I have it incorrect, when I know I don't! Package…