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The Oscar Buzz

Want to play The Oscar Guessing game with me? Here are my votes. Please note, dear Nicole that I have not seen your rabbit movie.

Should get best actor: Colin Firth for The Kings Speech
Will get best actor: Colin Firth for The Kings Speech
Dear Colin you are wonderful in this movie and its amazing to know you have done such great work and at last you will have your moment.

Should get best actress:Jennifer Lawrence for Winters Bone
Will get best actress: Natalie Portman for Black Swan
Natalie you are great in the ballet movie. However, you trained for a year for that job. If any of us folk trained for a year for a job we would be fired. AND, knowing Darren Aronofsky's earlier work (especially Requiem for a Dream) I wish he had been allowed to direct as I bet he wanted this movie. Anyway, I will not begrudge you Natalie, getting the statue, though Jennifer gives such a remarkable performance in a movie that is as stark as its title.

Should get best director: Danny Boyle for 127 Hour…

English Language

I told my car not to. It has it's own mind for a reason and still drove, this morning through Dunkin Donuts to collect coffee.
As the man handed over my large coffee milk no sugar, he said:
"Your large Ma'am". Which I naturally heard as "You're large Ma'am."  Great! I have become a training manual joke.
I know air hostesses like to say to passengers they do not like:
"You're trash Sir!"

A few years back, in the day of saying I was an actress and taking on promotional jobs. Brenda and I were hired as 'distribution models' in a shopping mall. The brochures we were handing out included vouchers for a red lipstick and a cup of tea in the store cafe. It was an easy job for the two of us with our shiny hair and sing song attitudes.
About an hour found us bored and playing with voices. I would utter things like vegeatables, cabbage, catamongers. Nobody was listening as they were too busy trying to avoid me thinking I was selling windo…
A favorite funny blog of mine to visit is
Jen features a gratitude piece every Monday.
With her permission, I wanted to share with you three things that today I have gratitude for.
The discovery of Ann Randolph. Ann is a writer and amazing performer from the West Coast.
I saw her award winning show Loveland and was fortunate to benefit from a writers workshop with her. I was reminded of my passion for theater and live performance. I was reminded of the joy and responsibility of wanting to be a writer. The power of comedy. Of words. Of (pause) timing.
If you are an actor or a writer wanting to learn, then Ann is a must experience.
Smuckers Stars on Ice. What a great title. I imagine Michelle Kwan triple spinning with jar of strawberry jelly followed by Nancy Kerrigan and her cherry preserve.
The Ped Egg
It frightened me because it mentions a blade. I never feel comfortable when I think of my skin near a blade.
It states on the packet, that …