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SuperBowl & MSM

Today is SuperBowl day. Which means I can eat super bowls of whatever I want, and one side of me will eventually be larger than the other. It also means a wardrobe mishap as my zip or buttons will burst. Great stuff.

I really do not approve of my obsession with my fat. If I just ignore -  it will go away, right?

My first week of my MSM month, Movie Star Month see a previous post for anyone who cares, has been interesting.
Two days without treats put me in a terrible mood. It  made me realize how poorly I treat myself, and what's worse, why I treat myself like that. I feel like I have been locked in a dungeon of therapy. It sucks to be honest. How I imagined I would feel is far from this wreck that sits here today. I am not feeling sorry for myself, just being honest. Therapists everywhere would/could/should hear the money bell going off if they read this. Dr.Phil would/could/should get a whole week out of it. (That is a joke and not meant for one who may read. You know I love ya, …