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Deletion Warning

For about an hour I deleted myself! I was not happy and kept checking my feet, imagining they would evaporate slowly and by morning I would be a speck of dust. Kind of like that horror movie where the man becomes a spider and as the camera zooms in, all you hear is a weak squeak of "help me, help me."

Do not ask me why, I suddenly decided this evening to set myself up with a proper website.I have always wanted to be a dot com. Isn't that part of being a grown up these days? Or am I just trying to be young? Pretending I know what a rubric set is - somebody said that to me today - could you send me the rubric set - what on earth is that? I want my abacus back !

I was excited to buy my domain. I don't even know what a domain is, apart from being the hair on a lions head.

When they say in easy steps, they are obviously referring to The Belgium Tango.
For 30 minutes my website was a Spanish Neighborhood with 452 days till the next board meeting. I am hoping it was a templ…

Quick note on Why?

Why did Dunkin Donuts decide to have chocolate month during my Movie Star Month?

Why does my tool bar change during the day without warning and throw me into a panic?

Why does pale lipstick look great on some people and on me embraces the corpse look?

Why do New England people on television complain with such bitterness about the snow, when they live in New England and we go through this every year? I ask; would you rather walk through the snow on your road or a road in Egypt at the moment?

Movie Star Month

Can you believe that the first month of 2011 ends in three hours?
How has it been for you?
Did you continue as well as you begun? Did you surprise yourself with success? Success surprise you?
Or, like me, today you are only just poking your head from beneath the covers, saying - "did the brand new year of my life really begin and I did nothing about it?"

I decided, slowly, that February would be a special month. I am calling it my movie star month. Insert blink, blink, blink of stars and zoom in on the Hollywood sign.

When I was a kid I declared that I would be a movie star by twenty five and live in San Francisco. For those that do not know me, that did not happen.

If it had of happened, February would mean me, hiding away in my beautiful San Francisco home, getting physically and mentally ready for the Oscars month. I would of course have been at every ceremony, and perhaps this year at forty odd years, be receiving a special award. Special award for funniest, prettiest, yet fan…