Thursday, January 13, 2011


I feel sorry for Camille on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. No, really I do!
She loves Kelsey whats his name, yet it is clear that he is not in love with her.
A man who continues to chew gum while his gorgeous blond, tiny wife is drooling over him, is clearly heading toward the exit sign.

Its incredible too because Camille has been saying how tired and stressed she is, while looking perfect. I believe she is stressed and have to wonder what she looks like when life is as shiny as her clothing and hair.

I'm here, working on my laptop in my PJs. The healthiest thing I have eaten all day are my fingernails and the mascara smudges underneath my eyes are natural as I did not apply make up today.

Yet, I still feel for poor Camille. You deserve more than that pompous actor. Go for a true millionaire and someone who will appreciate the dresses that you buy and dare to wear regardless of the weather. Mind you, when she came down those stairs in the final scene, I did wonder if the lady had been inhaling her McDonald's coke a little too quickly.

Meanwhile, the other housewives Sleazy, Jumpy and Gropey, are realizing that money, teeth, hair and legs do not make a happy life. Poor things.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


For those that are familiar with the handsome acrobatic plumber story, I have an update!

His pen leaked over my hands at Heathrow airport, making quite a mess and meaning I flew back home with black inky splodges. How can someone trust to hire a plumber whose pen leaks?

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