Sunday, December 4, 2011


On Friday night I discovered a brand new experience that I have wondered and pondered about for a few years. In fact, I feel kind of embarrassed to admit that I have never tried before, despite being tempted many a time. I've seen people do it, I've been encouraged to do it and now I've done it and I can see why people get addicted.
Throwing all caution slowly into the air with a puff of smoke, I advise you to get to your local Shaws supermarket. This is my dealer.
They are running the Wish Big Win Big holiday giveaway. Which basically is a beginners introduction to voucher land. The more grocery shopping you do, the more tickets you receive.
Previously in my shopping world I have dabbled with the odd dollar off from sparkling water and the buy ten for five cat food. For the most part however, vouchers are the things I discover at the bottom of my bag along with dust, one paperclip and two discolored mints.

Friday night, after reading the game rules, I was pretty excited to get stuck into my pile of tiny voucher tickets.
For a few weeks now I have had an itchy palm when visiting Shaws, which I am putting down to the fact that I am going to win something. An itchy palm means you are coming into money. It does not mean you should sanitize the trolley handles I promise.

With the opening of each one I felt a positive surge and I swear I heard Liza Minnelli singing "Maybe this time, I'll be lucky."
Until 2am, I opened those tickets.I didn't care that I had too many canned peaches and not enough green beans. I just knew the possibility of the next ticket.I now only need a Hostess DoNut ticket to win a $250 gift card and just one Gingerbread Gingerman to win $25,000 for a car.

It is the big prize I play for. The ultimate, exclusive high that I believe will be mine. The $250,000!  And yes, though I still need turkey stuffing, jello, creme cheese and mozzerella, my palm itches with a guaranteed anticipation.
I can't wait to get back to Shaws to be awarded with more of those tasty tickets of joy. I know what Friday nights are made for!
AND, when I win, I will stop. I will. I know I can stop, I know I can. It's not a problem. It's just for now.

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