Saturday, November 26, 2011

London Shopping

Christmas shopping is well & truly under way in London. Their halls are decked and Father Christmas
is already yawning. I have loved wandering around and here are ten things that are different in London compared to Massachusetts:

1) Marks and Spencers - a store where you can buy a great pair socks, a great pair of trousers and a great stuffed chicken
2) Cherry Bakewells
3) Digestive Biscuits - chocolate coated cookies
4) Celebrity, get me out of the Jungle  - funny TV show where celebrities are forced to face spiders, snakes and things that make cockroaches look pretty
5) Bluewater & Lakeside Shopping Centers - funnily enough I still can't find anything to wear, apart from a pair of boots that suggest I could be part of a pantomime horse
6) A Burning Bush is not biblical
7) Driving on the LEFT!
8) EastEnders - tv soap opera where lips are pinched and people scream "wotcha ya doin?"
9) Emmerdale - tv soap opera where the main family are The Dingles
10) Really good Bangers & Mash

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