Saturday, November 12, 2011


She looked down and smiled.
So, it was all about science after all.
The scars, healed and unhealed. The laughter, stolen. The love, secretly kept in a drawer in the kitchen, marked recipes, so nobody would know. All about science.

Hey eyes widen seeing the cliff top, the village disappearing within a yellow haze. The church seemed as though a child were erasing the steeple. It was silent. She and it stared upon one another, like old friends meeting unexpectedly at an airport. I'm going this way, and you?

Carefully and strangely with ease, she moved her arms and turned toward the other side of the village.
Her favorite side, where it had all started. Here the haze were even thicker and lights from homes attempted to shine out in declaration of permanence.

Peering and peering. Dipping as low as she dare, she saw it. The tips of the pointed rooftop with it's four pink chimney tops. She was disappointed to find no smoke swirling seductively from them. On the side, the wooden framed window, now closed. Was that a lock? An ugly lock?
The bakery was silent, not even sleeping. 

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