Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rachel Zoe - again

Lieyeke, ohhhhhhhhh, woooow,  realeeeeeeeeeey, seeick.

Yes, I got sucked in and delighted with watching Rachel Zoe again. Honestly, tomorrow I am sending that woman a gift basket of pineapple pieces. The poor thing. Can you imagine, she is happily married, running her own business that she loves, living in a house she adores and is pregnant. What??? Why aren't people helping her? Quick Bono - start a fund!
 Let me just write that description again so you can realeeeeey get the seeeick point. She is married to a scruffy guy who she loves because she can wear the Valentino trousers she chose and boss him around, which he accepts while drinking Perrier water and peeking behind his hair. She has a fabulous business in fashion - not a part time job packing shelves in Shaw's Supermarket which she leaves at seven am to get to her real job, which is packing canned peaches till nine pm. She is living in a mini mansion with white walls, not a hospital unit with green walls and is nine months pregnant in Blahnik high heels while still looking like a size six. 
My favorite quote was "I just need to go to my room, sleep, wake up and try to remember what it is that I love about my life."
Yes, somewhere in Africa a woman is saying: "I just need to go to my hut, cook a thousand meals from two grains of rice and inspire my five children to go out and look for water." Do you think in Somalia they are saying "Wow, I'm just so stressed" from the back of their limos, to their assistants, while holding an espresso.

I know I know, I'm being over the top darling and why should I watch the stuff when I get, lets face it, bitter!

I am no better, in that today I imagined myself like one of those Garfield Cats people used to stick to the inside of car windows, that looked like it was screaming "Help me get out of here."
Tomorrow I'm getting me a red lipstick, a pair of dark glasses and a matching Prada bag of rice.
It's all about perspective!

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