Friday, September 16, 2011

September in Massachusetts

Massachusetts had the most glorious weather today. Yesterday we were sweating in a moody eighty while being supervised by dark grey clouds.

Today; absolute bright blue sky and a sharp coolness that reminds me of when you first step into the ocean.
I love Autumn here. The sun is bright on purpose to highlight the many shades of gold, yellow, orange and rust. I love the surprise of the sun embracing you as you turn a corner, flooding a Summer warmth, as if to say I'm not going away forever. I love seeing pumpkins, saying the word pumpkin, and remembering that we always go to a pumpkin festival this time of year.

I love going out and buying a sunny pot of Mums for my neighbor and I, so that our front doorways smile at one another. Bringing my beloved cardigans and scarves to the front of the wardrobe, knowing that my legs and arms can officially hide, instead of being the odd ones out in the land of t-shirts and shorts.

On Sunday I will sit on the beach, wrapped in a blanket, drink coffee and watch the sea roll in and out.
Its the simple things. The calm things and the peace that I crave this time of year. Time to walk and let footsteps be the only action required. To feel sleepy with the fresh air and to appreciate how nature changes, maybe even inspired to do the same ourselves. Just little by wonderous little.

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  1. This is great imagery, Jayne. Totally relate to both the "hiding" in sweaters and loving the beach on a cool, crisp day.
    Enjoy the great weather, and keep writing!


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