Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Not to Wear & Ten reasons why (#6) I should be on that show

Stacey and Clinton have returned with What Not To Wear. Any readers (ha readers!) with a life, need to know this is a TV show. TV is that square thing in the corner that you play for background noise as you get ready for 1) last minute trip to St.Johns or 2) the Tea Party Rally in DC  or 3) Nightclub Ultima in New York.

For me without much going on, I am pleased to see the shows return. It is your traditional make over show, where they lie about throwing the victims entire wardrobe away and send them shopping alone for two days in New York until a break down is on the fashion horizon and said hosts, come to a trendy rescue. I sit and complain, drawl, laugh, swear, scream "shes already pretty" or "you have got to be kidding!" Pretty good fun as you sit with slippers on and your hands still dripping from cleaning the bathroom. (By the way I can not recommend Mr.Clean enough! Used the Mr.Clean kitchen eraser pad tonight on the downstairs bathroom and it was fantastic! I can not find the bathroom one anywhere and then suddenly thought how would a cleaning pad actually know the difference?  Voila, I am free from the pressures of purchase advertising. Go buy it though its brilliant.)

As we discuss fashion, here are my all time ten reasons why I am not fashionable
1) Mum always told me that I look like a baker when wearing white trousers (she is correct)
2) Mum always told me that I look like a dentist when wearing a white shirt (she is correct)
3) Mum always thinks that she looks like a waitress when wearing black (she is correct)
4) Mum always thinks we both look like prisoners from Australian TV show Cell Block H when wearing denim (she is correct)
5) I can never, ever, no matter what width or 3d dimension I am - wear a belt
6) I love wearing Capri pants until I see myself in them
7) Any British person who thinks they look good in shorts is suffering from heat stroke
8) Me in a striped top is instant Pirates of the Caribbean
9) Me in anything animal print is instant old girl hunting
10) No matter how I try I can not do that tie up thing that people do with scarves - it just looks like I'm covering up a neck brace.


  1. It now strikes me that I have never in 4 1/2 years seen you in jeans... and now I know why!


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