Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ten Reasons Why #4 Today could have been better

Ten reasons why one should question yourself before doing anything:
OR ten reasons why you should never take advice from me on how to handle a sad mood

1) Why would one actually expect the right answer when one calls out to the universe "send me a sign"
2) Why would anyone seriously look at the next email as being the answer to example number one
3) Why would anyone spend 30 minutes then looking at the email which is a Sandals vacation to St.Lucia; to the point of even chatting with the sales person to ask if you could pay with installments.
4) Why would anyone think that example number 3 above would cheer themselves up
5) Why would anyone overweight and exhausted, think that a Sandals vacation would be good for her and her sadly confused husband (That is a screenplay right there!)
6) Why would anyone be surprised that they then cry for an hour
7) Why would anyone think that then going on a binge of coffee, French Crullers and Pretzel M&Ms would make them feel better
8) Why would anyone then think that a large strawberry colatta would solve the upset stomach
9) Why would anyone then be surprised when tugging on the old spanx - that vomiting comes to mind
10) Why does one always open ones wardrobe with optimism that you will find something suddenly perfect in there to wear

I will now sing Tomorrow from Annie!

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