Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ten Reasons Why #3 Its time to.......

1) time to clean your house when mice pack their bags to leave
2) time to clean your house when tumbleweeds of dust roll through the kitchen
3) time to get a new hobby, when you re-think the planning of your own birthday celebration, because "the TV is good that week"
4) time to get a new hairstyle when even your hairdresser wont phone you back with an appointment date
5) time to get a life, when you awake from a fantastic dream that featured you as a character at Disneyland where your best friend was Sleeping Beauty (Is it at or in Disneyland?)
6) time to get more friends, when the only voice-mail messages you receive are from CVS telling you your medications are in
7) time to get more insight, when your highlight of the day was hearing a child in Loews say "but I've wanted a flashlight all my life!"
8) time to admit you have a problem with guilt, when you feel so bad about agreeing to cut down a tree in your garden, even though it is causing damage. (I can't even look at that tree in the trunk now.)
9) time to admit you have a food issue, when you are annoyed to find that a squirrel has jumped in your car and dragged out a piece of lemon cake, you had hidden in a bag on the backseat to eat in private! (It was really good cake)
10) time to question your sanity when you are seriously considering joining a Zumba class for seniors

1 comment:

  1. Best. Post. EVER.

    I loved it. Especially the squirrel. And the tree.

    Brilliant. These will go in the book, I hope!


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