Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh my lucky stars - Chinese Style

 Wanting to write a quick blog, I took a trip down memory lane and looked up my star sign for today, however I found the option to look it up through the Chinese horoscope. So here it is.............(I'm a horse by the way.)

Progress with little increase in effort comes easily to hard working artists, artisans and performers at this time.
That being said, the moment you do devote a little more elbow grease, you may notice that it has little effect. The sense that working harder makes no difference could cause lethargy. 

Honestly - what is the point of letting me know that with a little effort I will progress and yet the more I do it will not make any difference? AND, further more, because I know it will not make any difference I become lethargic. Which is not a desire of mine to be described as such. "Oh yes, I like Jayne, she's sweet sometimes and mostly lethargic."
Because Virgos worry, I am concerned that I will not recognize when my little increased effort goes into the area of big effort. If I do too much will that knock out the progress I would have made with the little effort? How do you know when your little turns into too much? Especially me! I have no idea of things like that. I only know when I've eaten too much when finally I'm grabbing for a bucket. Then I'm kind of hopeful that I will not put weight on. Please note this is not an advertisement for Jenny Craig Bulimia.
I guess I better stop now, as writing more will equal more effort and we know that will not increase my success at completing this blog.
This will NOT be continued.....................

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  1. You and those horoscopes! Remember when you checked them every day, and every day they were the exact (and eerily accurate) opposite of what happened?
    Good times, good times.
    I think this one actually means "Write 'Chapter One' and the rest will follow...


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