Oh my lucky stars - Chinese Style

 Wanting to write a quick blog, I took a trip down memory lane and looked up my star sign for today, however I found the option to look it up through the Chinese horoscope. So here it is.............(I'm a horse by the way.)

Progress with little increase in effort comes easily to hard working artists, artisans and performers at this time.
That being said, the moment you do devote a little more elbow grease, you may notice that it has little effect. The sense that working harder makes no difference could cause lethargy. 

Honestly - what is the point of letting me know that with a little effort I will progress and yet the more I do it will not make any difference? AND, further more, because I know it will not make any difference I become lethargic. Which is not a desire of mine to be described as such. "Oh yes, I like Jayne, she's sweet sometimes and mostly lethargic."
Because Virgos worry, I am concerned that I will not recognize when my little increased effort goes into the area of big effort. If I do too much will that knock out the progress I would have made with the little effort? How do you know when your little turns into too much? Especially me! I have no idea of things like that. I only know when I've eaten too much when finally I'm grabbing for a bucket. Then I'm kind of hopeful that I will not put weight on. Please note this is not an advertisement for Jenny Craig Bulimia.
I guess I better stop now, as writing more will equal more effort and we know that will not increase my success at completing this blog.
This will NOT be continued.....................


  1. You and those horoscopes! Remember when you checked them every day, and every day they were the exact (and eerily accurate) opposite of what happened?
    Good times, good times.
    I think this one actually means "Write 'Chapter One' and the rest will follow...


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