Thursday, June 23, 2011


Do you think there are days when Mr.Obama puts his head in his hands, then suddenly inspired shouts:
"Hey 'Chell, come on babe, lets get to Aruba, get drunk and do the business!"
I wonder if he ever feels "I have no time for me!"

Do you imagine that a big, burly, hells angel bike rider, radios over to his leather and beard burdened bro to say: "I'm chucking in my diet, lets pull over for a strawberry ice cream!" That sometimes he thinks, I just want to wear cotton today!

My point is, at times I feel like I'm the only person not doing their work properly. By that I mean all my work and all the personalities that are required. The 9 to 5 stuff, the life issues, the care partner, the daughter bit. Some days I can't ram a do-nut down quickly enough, while other days I let myself feel the fear.

I don't mean to be down all the time, I truly am the person to say my bag of fries is half full. It's just the odd day really gets to me, when I can't find a saucepan lid, when I don't have time to shower, when I go to cook the box of pasta that has always been there and yet has now disappeared.
I am the rope in a tug of war, yet I remain this short, fat, ineffectual being, instead of being stretched into Heidi Klume.

I wonder if somewhere - Heidi Klume is writing her blog at this very time, with the same wish, except in reverse. A light wind will blow through the curtains and tomorrow I will wake up in Paris with Seal bringing me breakfast and a kiss from a rose. The wheat-grass is always greener - right?

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