Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jaynes Observations and I think I think too much

Today the weather is in the low seventies and I am sitting in the garden. I have done alot of work in the garden this year and spent quite a few pennies on flowers. Yesterday I did my impression of Tom Sawyer and painted a fence white. I recommend that you thoroughly clean a fence first before painting, unless you want "the dead spider and bird dropping caught in white paint effect." Which is what I did want, of course!
Though for me painting a six foot fence without a ladder was not easy and I am proud. To my neighbor who may now have splatters of white paint all over their drive way and possibly a kitchen window - it was not me!

As I sit in the sun, which is one of my favorite things to do, I imagine that my laptop will suddenly explode! Five minutes later....
I have now moved and am sitting, cold in the shade, less scared of the laptop blowing up. I guess too, I should be grateful that I am not turning myself into old leather skin. Though I am planning on leaving my body to a bunch of Chinese children who can make at least two thousand handbags from me.

Last thing to share, I visited someone in hospital this morning. All will be well. As I got into the lift (elevator for American audience) we went up to the 5th floor. I know the 5th floor has several LOCKED doors and heavy medication, if you know what I mean. I wonder why they send the ones who believe they can fly or those who want to jump, up to the highest floor? Anyway, I felt a touch sad/scared/bad when two lads got in who looked like a staple gun had won the fight. Both held plastic bags with their belongings and tattoos were breeding on their arms and necks.
Doors close, down we go to the 4th floor and in walks a Priest.
Now, I know I am going to die!

Isn't it funny when a member of the church comes into your personal space? You either think this is a good sign or a bad sign. I always think they can see that I am an atheist and will throw water over me and force feed me bread. Anyway, I feel more nervous, so to break the ice I want to say: "I hope we're not all going down to the basement!"

I keep quiet though, while the two young men chew and the Priest hums what sounds like "Who let the Dogs out" - and I am not kidding!

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