Monday, March 28, 2011

A Water Cooler Conversation

I truly cannot share with you the conversation I enjoyed today in the office.

No, truly I should not.
It was an education into something that has an interesting name, which actually means nothing like it suggests. OR, it may actually mean what it suggests, just in an unusual, embarrassing, appalling, funny, alluring, exciting, revolting, stimulating or disgusting manner depending on your preference.

I had never heard of it before.  I am frightened to even look the name up on a computer for fear of the CIA knocking on my door or a brigade of scary pop ups jumping from my screen. They might be in 3D too!
No, I still cannot share with you this name!

It was so refreshing to me, that I was the only one not to know. Especially as there was a time, years, years ago when walks of shame were expected and I did indeed play my part in that specialized activity. 

I thought I knew everything, even though I had not done everything.  If you get my meaning!
Yes, I am talking about the old knickers in your pocket act. Creeping out before "The Guy" (because now you cannot remember his name) stops snoring and turns over to reveal his face and you scream "Dear Lord, I did that?!!"

Please know our office has a water cooler, named Michael Jackson, and our conversations move rapidly through the varied adventures of life. If you ever need to talk about more than photocopying, diets and lawn seed, then please come over to Production. You might just learn something.
No, I cannot share that name!

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