Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blog Envy - Blog Pressure

There is pressure writing a blog. There are so many blogs out there, or should I say, here.
I find myself blog browsing and quickly my inner critic, that I call Agnes, pipes up about how much better every other blog is.
See they are doing interesting stuff. See, they are intelligent, have something to say, they are funny, have a purpose, can download photos, have a great name.

I must admit when I first started this blog, I truly was naive to believe that I would gain readers. It was with great excitement that I opened my email the next morning after beginning, anticipating 100 followers.
Now, two years in, the expectation has become flat lemonade, though one bubble always remain, that of hope.

Its fun to write. There is the truth. Its just about sharing and doing. Eating an Almond Joy brings me pleasure, as does writing this. So for those that get that green jolt of envy, or that flicker of, why bother? Do bother, its good for you, like a good book. Or applying another layer of mascara. It feels good and gives you a sparkle that might shine as bright as the moon tonight.

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