Monday, February 21, 2011

A favorite funny blog of mine to visit is
Jen features a gratitude piece every Monday.
With her permission, I wanted to share with you three things that today I have gratitude for.
The discovery of Ann Randolph. Ann is a writer and amazing performer from the West Coast.
I saw her award winning show Loveland and was fortunate to benefit from a writers workshop with her. I was reminded of my passion for theater and live performance. I was reminded of the joy and responsibility of wanting to be a writer. The power of comedy. Of words. Of (pause) timing.
If you are an actor or a writer wanting to learn, then Ann is a must experience.
Smuckers Stars on Ice. What a great title. I imagine Michelle Kwan triple spinning with jar of strawberry jelly followed by Nancy Kerrigan and her cherry preserve.
The Ped Egg
It frightened me because it mentions a blade. I never feel comfortable when I think of my skin near a blade.
It states on the packet, that you can use it on a balloon. Why on earth would you do that? Who has a balloon with hard, dry skin? And how did they arrive at that conclusion? Was it a drunk angry clown having a break down at a kids party that inspired that suggestion? If I broke into the Ped Egg research lab, what other items would I find suffering? I need to know if fruit was hurt. I will not use The Ped Egg if it were tested on an innocent caged peach.

By the way, I am now busy trying to contact Lady Ga Ga's agent to suggest a branding possibility.

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  1. Hi Jayne,

    You rock, girl. I definitely want to be you, seriously!

    Take care and keep writing!



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