Thursday, February 3, 2011

Deletion Warning

For about an hour I deleted myself! I was not happy and kept checking my feet, imagining they would evaporate slowly and by morning I would be a speck of dust. Kind of like that horror movie where the man becomes a spider and as the camera zooms in, all you hear is a weak squeak of "help me, help me."

Do not ask me why, I suddenly decided this evening to set myself up with a proper website.I have always wanted to be a dot com. Isn't that part of being a grown up these days? Or am I just trying to be young? Pretending I know what a rubric set is - somebody said that to me today - could you send me the rubric set - what on earth is that? I want my abacus back !

I was excited to buy my domain. I don't even know what a domain is, apart from being the hair on a lions head.

When they say in easy steps, they are obviously referring to The Belgium Tango.
For 30 minutes my website was a Spanish Neighborhood with 452 days till the next board meeting. I am hoping it was a template and that the ancient town of Jaynero does not knock on my doorstep tomorrow.

Then I could not get back to this blog site and truly nearly cried thinking that a year of doing this had been deleted with the press of google. Apparently there will be a soon. I will be branding myself a cow.

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