Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Root of the pain

I finally went to the dentist.
Seems I need a root canal.
Its the bottom left tooth, the nerve is dead and its infected.
So why do a root canal? Why not just pull the tooth out?
I'm petrified and naturally frightened about the procedure. I'm petrified of the cost.
$1500 - really? If I can fly to London for $900 - what on earth is costing $1500?
$900 gets a seat, movies, pretzels, drinks, thousands and thousands pounds of metal that can fly thousands and thousands of miles. That's miracle talk.
$1500 for a root canal is getting me 1.5 hours of pure, solid, vomit inducing, fear. Discomfort before during and after.
Truthfully. The tooth is tiny. Its bleedin dead! I'm not sure my own funeral would cost that much.
While I'm drugged up I'm going to trash the office to locate the actual cost report of these things to see the profit.

The see saw of life is not equal in these matters. I would rather donate $1500 to a country where it would create a real canal to save lives not one tooth.

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