Sunday, January 2, 2011

Into the New Year

There were lots of smiles, laughter and tears through the wondrous blur of Christmas and New Year.

A brand new oven has met my cooking with open arms and things now taste how they are meant to. The christmas tree is sinking fast and pine needles are being collected in my socks from the carpet. Just this morning I finally looked at a whoopee pie and questioned myself if I truly wanted that for breakfast. So the season is coming to an end.

Yesterday half the garden was in snow and the other begging for Spring. I could see how that equaled my own feelings, wanting to stay back in years past, yet wanting to move into the future.

I have been undecided about a new years resolution. Indeed I have put myself in a limbo holding room until I return from my London trip next week. I know I have a fear about this year and want/need to throw that fear to one side. The trick maybe to recognize the fear, then wrap it in Christmas paper, add a bright red bow and allow it to fade away with the snow.

I wish for peace and inspiration. Take care.

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