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Skinny Jeans...kind of

Had a stay in hospital last week. The reason is not important. Well, it is to me, just not for this blog right now.

So on the second day, for good behavior they give me new pajamas to wear. A cotton johnny (hate that word) and pajama bottoms. The johnny size is Hippo, the bottoms are size Starbucks Tall and Skinny.
Thus proving, laying down I really do look like a Victoria Secret model.

Inside the bathroom, resembling an airplane bathroom, I get a shock in the mirror to see I resemble my Great times a thousand Grandmother, who lived in the Stoneage times. My hair is sticking out in all directions, my lips are turtle like and folding in one one another. Somewhere there are blue eyes peeking out from the red and black. Plus I am bloated like a puffer fish.

My efforts to get closer to glamorous were laughable and my attempt to get the Tall Skinnies on were painful. Its hard to maneuver when you are attached to wires and a pole. Then I start to laugh, then I drop the heart monitor and then I …


There were days in London when my friend Helene and I would sit on the floor cutting magazines, scribbling with crayons and sharing positive affirmations. We were early thirties and you can do stuff like that when you are a fan of SARK.

Here in the States I completed a Dream Boogie program with her to encourage my creativity to come out again. It is working by the way.

Sark had sent us a challenge to record what happened when we used one of her transformation tools.

I chose to welcome in miraculous people. Now its a good idea to be out in the open to do this. Go for a walk and with open arms say "Miraculous people, find me now."

I was having a blue day at my desk in work, so I asked for my miracle while in the bathroom!!! (I know that sounds so wrong!!)

I was expecting something would solve everything and provide all the answers. For example an old boyfriend arriving, now well and healthy with all the money I lent him plus a million! Or the producers from Working Title who I fool…