Monday, November 29, 2010


This is exciting news, just in!

It is 11:40 am on a Monday. Ususally at this time I feel sick because of a large coffee, a coffee roll and a gingerbread man.

Today I wanted to eat fruit only....So.....

Today at 11:40am I have had a large coffee and at least a quarter of a pound of dried apricots.
I feel sick! Really sick. That's great! Thus proving that fruit is the same as cookies.


OK everyone - the game is up! I'm on one of those reality shows aren't I?
Where you all set me up with various situations and if I do well I'm going to win something. Something big. That's right isn't it? Isn't it?

My week end was like a poorly mad student horror movie . The end of a "Housewives of Dagenham" season episode. The icing on the already well iced chocolate cake. I am not sharing details, I will just say that The National Enquirer are refusing to print the story on account of it being unbeliveble.

I went to see the new movie "127 Hours" yesterday. You must see this movie.
1: Amazing direction. I hear Oscar for Danny Boyle. My goodness are you talented.
2: Great acting. I hear Oscar nomination for James Franco.
3: I am so grateful this movie is not in 3D!
4: The story is true. The story is true!!!! I am typing this like Oprah.

It made me appreciate that my own version (my life caught under a boulder in a place that I Love) is not as bad. I will not have to cut my arm off. I take that as positive.

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