Friday, November 26, 2010


Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

Mine was different. My usual "may I help?" quietly aimed toward the area of the kitchen is traditionally ignored. My American life does not include the fact that once upon a time I had a full British life. I had a house, garden, cooked, cleaned, ironed, worked, actually had some success and a near miss with a professional writing career and happy marriage. That was Jayne Part One I guess.

Anyway, Jayne Part Two has an image that she does not know how to cook. (Does not know how to do anything.) I throw my oven gloves into the air and say I'm guilty of taking advantage of this and have played along. To the extent where I believe it! Not that I was ever Julia Childs, I did however have adventures with stuffed lamb and a pink meringue that stuck to the kitchen ceiling.

Anyway, So Jayne Part Two was suddenly cutting and frying on Thursday in a kitchen where people can really cook. They have things like rice vinegar and stuffed fig oil in their cupboards.
It was fun, though I wanted my shoulders to drop and if only I could unclench my jaw. Cooking needs confidence. Cooking with people who own restaurants needs wine and confidence.

I'm not the newcomer, yet I stop myself from relaxing for fear of saying the wrong thing, eating too much, looking foolish, sentimental, fat. What a waste of turkey grease!

WARNING: Jayne Part Two is reflecting on what she wants to resurrect from Jayne Part One.
Could/would/should be interesting.......

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holly Potter

So, we went to see Holly Potter (as its known in our household) on Saturday.
It's a great movie. It must be good because I did not understand a bit of it and yet I still enjoyed it.
You have to know, follow, read, re read, see all the movies before seeing the latest one to remember who BobblePeekGoswold is compared to GobblepeedCodfort. I know I have said it before but I'm not good at remembering names let alone the complicated fancy ones.

I was surprised when a elf called Dobey appeared. I thought he was in Lord of the Rings.

I was also surprised when I realized I had eaten all my chocolate covered pretzels only ten minutes in.

Congratulations to JK Rowling. What a woman. I can't even write a blog without getting stuck, yet one book of hers will make three movies. She made a familiar concept, that of a quest to collect stuff in order to get something solved, into the incredible Potter world.

All of us have quests. Mine was written as follows:
If thou art brave to collect the following yee will be happy:

Five fantastic scarves
Two husbands
Fifty extra pounds of fat
The capacity to eat Advil like they were M&Ms
Two swollen ankles
One best selling novel

I'm getting there....................

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