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Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

Mine was different. My usual "may I help?" quietly aimed toward the area of the kitchen is traditionally ignored. My American life does not include the fact that once upon a time I had a full British life. I had a house, garden, cooked, cleaned, ironed, worked, actually had some success and a near miss with a professional writing career and happy marriage. That was Jayne Part One I guess.

Anyway, Jayne Part Two has an image that she does not know how to cook. (Does not know how to do anything.) I throw my oven gloves into the air and say I'm guilty of taking advantage of this and have played along. To the extent where I believe it! Not that I was ever Julia Childs, I did however have adventures with stuffed lamb and a pink meringue that stuck to the kitchen ceiling.

Anyway, So Jayne Part Two was suddenly cutting and frying on Thursday in a kitchen where people can really cook. They have things like rice vinegar and stuffed fig oil in…

Holly Potter

So, we went to see Holly Potter (as its known in our household) on Saturday.
It's a great movie. It must be good because I did not understand a bit of it and yet I still enjoyed it.
You have to know, follow, read, re read, see all the movies before seeing the latest one to remember who BobblePeekGoswold is compared to GobblepeedCodfort. I know I have said it before but I'm not good at remembering names let alone the complicated fancy ones.

I was surprised when a elf called Dobey appeared. I thought he was in Lord of the Rings.

I was also surprised when I realized I had eaten all my chocolate covered pretzels only ten minutes in.

Congratulations to JK Rowling. What a woman. I can't even write a blog without getting stuck, yet one book of hers will make three movies. She made a familiar concept, that of a quest to collect stuff in order to get something solved, into the incredible Potter world.

All of us have quests. Mine was written as follows:
If thou art brave to collect the fol…