Friday, October 29, 2010

A Chakra

I admit that I have gone a little crazy. My boss has officially put me on two weeks leave.
So today I am slowly working from home, as I do not wish to throw my department into
the break down mode either.

At my desk I decided to light a candle named Healing.
It is a Chakra Energy Candle that will open my Anahata. That's my heart to all you non chakra folks.

So, I'm breathing, crying, breathing, typing and I think wow that's an odd smell.
The candle promises Lavandin, Orange and Tangerine.
Breathing, typing, trying not to think.
Closing my eyes, rolling my shoulders to open my Anahata. This is great.
I look at the candle to find and feel a two foot Tangerine flame waving at me.
My heart is actually on fire.

Note to self - it is a good idea to remove the paper before lighting your chakras!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vegas Baby

It started with a week end in Vegas.
I travelled down memory lane into fun, glamor, new stuff, talent, pure entertainment.
While others drained their pockets and themselves of energy, I could feel myself re fueling like a spark chasing up the fuse line.
The explosion has hit. I just can not do what I have been doing any more.
I have not been true for over three years. I have to make changes.

Now I am on a trip to face what I must. The clock may now only have a year - so if I do not link my arms with my partner in lame, I know this will have been one last dance that I sat out while longing to take center stage.

I hope that is cryptic, because this is purely for me.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas -
Not for me.
I believe I stole a pink feather boa
and I want to wear it daily.

Thank you very much!

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