Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dining in the Dark

I have experienced a new trend Dining in the Dark. (Please sound trumpets, it is not often that the old girl reports on something new!)

Dining In The Dark is the concept of eating a four course meal while wearing a blindfold. Why would you do such a daft thing?

It has "Jayne will hate it" written all over it. I loved it!
Fear, excuses, trust, unknown stuff was stopping me, yet I found myself in a position where I was suddenly doing it and now can not recommend it enough.

Each individual will have their own experience. For me I felt a surprise sense of confidence and independence. I imagined I would think more, worry about making a mess or doing something wrong. Yet quickly I found myself simply focusing on the food and the intention to eat. I had a sense of freedom from negative emotions that are usually present during a social meal. (No need to recommend a shrink, I'm already there!)

Many people soon forgot about trying to use utensils. Many experience a greater sense of smell, sound and taste.

For me my sense of perception was off. I thought a carrot I was eating was the size of a lollipop. When I removed the blindfold at the end, the table seemed so large. It was an Alice in Wonderland moment of going from tiny to large.

The man next to me felt he was in a peculiar dream where he was having dinner with Mary Poppins. He could hear my English accent, so a vision of Julie Andrews in her gorgeous white hat was stuck in his head. I guess I did not help by bursting into Supercalifraglistic etc etc. When he removed his blindfold he realized it was just the carpet bag and went strangely quiet.

So, go do this. It's new in Boston. Unique experience.

If nothing else, it is great for people like me with ambitious appetites whose eyes are never larger than their stomachs. I loved hearing my table say how full they were and could not eat anything else, while I confidently finished the meal knowing that nobody could see. "Oh yes, me too" I lied, wondering if I could feel around and grab the left overs!

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