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Dining in the Dark

I have experienced a new trend Dining in the Dark. (Please sound trumpets, it is not often that the old girl reports on something new!)

Dining In The Dark is the concept of eating a four course meal while wearing a blindfold. Why would you do such a daft thing?

It has "Jayne will hate it" written all over it. I loved it!
Fear, excuses, trust, unknown stuff was stopping me, yet I found myself in a position where I was suddenly doing it and now can not recommend it enough.

Each individual will have their own experience. For me I felt a surprise sense of confidence and independence. I imagined I would think more, worry about making a mess or doing something wrong. Yet quickly I found myself simply focusing on the food and the intention to eat. I had a sense of freedom from negative emotions that are usually present during a social meal. (No need to recommend a shrink, I'm already there!)

Many people soon forgot about trying to use utensils. Many experience a greater sense of sme…