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Long dull monologue about lack of sleep

I can't sleep. I hate that.
At 9pm tonight I wanted to sleep. I have an exciting Thursday TV plan in order to get to bed at 9pm and read for an hour. I watch the re run episode of Project Runway instead of the new one at 9pm. I know, it's genius.

So I go to bed at 9pm open my book and my eyes are drifting at 9:05pm. I want to get into work early tomorrow so I switch off the light to sleep and BING, I'm awake.

It is now 2:30am. I have tried reading, worrying, trying to meditate, counting sheep, counting do nuts, getting up to watch Craig Ferguson. (He's funny, I love his timing!) Going back to bed, counting sheep, worrying, thinking, planning.

Going through the traditional dialogue from the over worked versus low self esteem point of view.
If I got up now and wrote the scavenger hunt for next week, that would be good.
I should be getting up to write my novel. Why does work come first? I could get up to write my blog. I have nothing to say. Write the scavenger hunt. Go to slee…