Thursday, July 29, 2010

Interviewing The Young

Yesterday I interviewed a female candidate for a job and here is my advice for anyone going out meeting potential bosses:

Do not open with, by the time I'm forty I plan to be........
The woman opposite you who clearly has had a difficult life (black circles, wrinkles in skin and clothing, coffee, red bull & pain reliever packets everywhere) is now hating you and not listening because she is remembering back to when she was forty, and then with bitterness, trying to remember back to when she too felt forty was in a galaxy far far away.

Do not wear flip flops - even when you have been told, it is a casual office.
Being told it is a casual office is a trick.

Do not say how long hours are never a problem and how 7am to 6:45pm including travel, is a long day in the same sentence.

When asked, do you have any questions?
Do not answer no and then email someone else with a thousand questions that really point out the fact that you were not paying attention to the older, wise, sophisticated woman who is going to be your immediate boss.

Do not request a pay rise before you have been offered the job.

Just throwing my ideas out there!

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