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Two things about Monday

A Mel Gibson of a thunder storm hit the house on Monday afternoon. Hand on heart I will proclaim - my name is Jayne and I am afraid of lightening.
Being painfully honest I am scared of electricity. If one believes in reincarnation I have to ponder who I have been in my lifetimes!!

Anyway, the storm found me crouching in a corner (not easy!) with eyes tightly shut and hands over my ears. Sweat pouring all over me, I kept whispering I am safe, I am safe. Sometimes a question mark was added as bolts hit and I heard Freddie Mercury singing Galileo in the background.

On the other side of Monday, I found the courage to reach out and ask for support from a creative community who are making connections and differences in the world. I received inspiring emails and wishes to find comfort and ease. On top of that I received a surprise care package waiting for me in my car this afternoon. WOW! Thank you Jen.

Each of these thoughts are now becoming pieced together in my mind like a jigsaw mirror. It i…