Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear George

I have just completed an extremely busy two weeks. Lots of programs on top of one another, lots of concerns over agendas, chairs, paint, speeches, bikes and what if someone gets lost?

I went to bed at 8pm. 8pm on a Friday night - oh my!

I was treated with a dream where I met George Clooney. I will not go into all the details, those are private. I will let you know that he did say "I always wondered what you were like. Now I know it's fat."

Yes, he said that. Quote unquote.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joy in the Aisles

In Walmart, (should I advertise?) I found myself on a last minute shopping hunt:
3 boys bicycles NOT assembled
one white Tupperware bin
one Wizard of Oz poster
three plastic dust sheets

While I wait for the manager to see if the bikes are available, I find the Tupperware bin I need.
There follows my regular performance of getting them pried apart from one another.

It is like tugging a twenty dollar bill from a miser. Why, they pack them so tightly on those shelves I do not know!

I always end up having to pull the entire stack down. When you do that however, the plastic becomes static and because I was wearing a loose shirt, the fabric decides to stick to the Tupperware and rides deliciously up as I pull at the box.
I am now sweating and look like I am doing something obscene with the boxes.

A skinny lady approaches me with a rescue expression and asks where can she find the rubber thing she needs for her sink? I don't work here I groan from the midst of the six boxes determined to stay together. I just want one, not the army! Seperating twins must be easier.

Once that tug of war is won, my shirt now billows with energy and I'm trying to stretch my neck because my back is aching - the manager arrives with the three bikes dangerously toppling in a carriage. His face shows pity and I believe he thinks I'm expecting the triplets for the bikes "any day now". He helps me to a check out, slowly, and saying goodbye he suggests that Dave may help me.

Ten minutes later I arrive at Dave, as I cannot see behind the mountain of bikes and my Tupperware box. Long story short, Dave tells me: "You don't stand a chance of fitting that into your car."

I guess Dave did not think triplets were a possibility as he then watches me huff and puff as I do indeed fit everything in, all by myself!
I remember days when guys called Dave would help me load in an envelope!

"Well you were lucky," he sniffs showing his disappointment with my success.

Ahh, it's the little things, isn't it!

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