Thursday, May 13, 2010

Anniversary Love

It was my wedding anniversary on the 12th, about 15 minutes ago.
All day I said we had been married for 8 years, and now I realize it has been 9 years!

Marriage is funny. I have nothing new or wise to say about it.

Friendship & laughter is key.

My husband has always made me laugh. When we first met, we spent a lively evening with friends where everyone would have won comedian of the year. It was the perfect night, where we were all relaxed, trusting and enjoying great company. If I were to write a list of my favorite moments, that evening would feature high.

Of the love in my life with family and friends, I always have laughter.

Lorna with Bhindi Bhindi, Elephant Man The Musical & Jesus was a carpenter.
Brenda with a black dress on backwards, bouncers birds & its a wide as its long.
Jen last week with a cat and a gas mask.
My brother with a cup of tea & a slice of cake.
My Mum & Dad for introducing laughter.

And, my husband. My wonderful brave David, this morning delivering a made up French commentary for the Cannes Film Festival and for doing his great imitation of Steve Martin dancing.

If you don't have laughter, you better change who you are mixing with!

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