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Somewhere over..........

I experienced a frazzled end of my work day today. It happens and it's natural, though I do not like when my frazziness shows!

I was driving home thinking/sulking/attempting forgetting and the sky was that amazing ink black where everything is highlighted from the sun.

I pulled out onto the main road, and there was a rainbow. Not just a faded bit ending nowhere. I saw an entire arch of a rainbow. It was a wonderfully colored gorgeous full rainbow with a start and an end somewhere near Brockton. I have never seen one before.

As a kid I hated the day when the science teacher explained a rainbow. I longed for a leprechaun to jump out from the equipment cupboard with a test tube of gold and scream not to listen to the buggers of science.

So as I drove, I rummaged for my camera. Sorry Oprah - I know you said not to pick up the cell phone, but cameras don't count. This was my AHA moment.

I could not find the camera, I found a banana in my bag instead. Who knew?

So I enjoyed that as I drov…