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A Moving Monday

OK own up!

Who moved May 3rd to this coming Monday?

For at least a month it has been next Thursday in Jayne's world.

Can you imagine the shock that hit me when at 1pm today I realised May 3rd was only 5 days away and not 8 days?

In an event planners world, the number of days equal that to the way kids count the days in December.

What felt like semi organized shifted into semi panic. Semi panic in an event planners world is a smile instead of a grin and hair twisted into a french knot, instead of beautifully loose yet staying in perfect position.

On the surface you would never know an event planner was in semi panic mode - you need to look closely to discover the can of Red Bull being crunched inside their left cheek while Advil jumps around inside the right cheek.

Do not be fooled by the manicured nails. These are instruments of torture with a purpose. They keep the event planner alert as they drive such nails into their own palms while holding in the other hand the emergency solving pho…