Friday, March 12, 2010


On the news this morning there was a wonderful story about a child recovering from a coma.
They had considered this to be a time to say goodbye and then the doctors suggested trying a new treatment and it worked! It worked so well, that the hope, indeed the plan is for a full recovery.

It's fantastic! The mother said, it is a miracle, it is down to God and all the prayers that people were saying.

I truly, truly wished she had also said, that it is down to funding and research that such cutting edge treatments can be discovered, tried and have an opportunity to succeed.

It is down to the incredible work of doctors, nurses, researchers who ask "what if we did this?" It is down to all the hours spent in a classroom and a lab. It is all the people who allow themselves in their journey to death to sign a form and say "yes, you can use me as a guinea pig on the chance of finding a cure."
It is down to the millions of people who organize and sign up for walks or runs or bake offs in an attempt to raise money so that more research can be obtained, during a time when some people cannot afford to buy a headache pill let alone medical insurance.

If I cannot blame God when the doctors shake their heads at me remarking "well, we are not sure" then I can not rejoice when medicine finally has a break through.

There are no miracles, just fantastic, wonderful, amazing successes. For that I celebrate.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I love The Oscars

I love The Oscars - always have done and always will.

I used to watch as a kid, staying up till about 4am in England. At that time I imagined that by the age of 35 I would have received two Oscars. Barry Norman used to say about me..."well, if she is as good an actress as she is pretty, then we are very lucky...and, indeed, lucky we are!"
You have to be a Brit to understand that reference.

I am a big fan of Steve Martin and loved his entrance with Alec Baldwin. They were great together. You must see "It's Complicated". Meryl Streep with those two is like a coffee and a great do nut. Its like not only finding the extra fries at the bottom of a bag but discovering an onion ring in there as well. Its like finding the tener in your pocket that you forgot about. Just go see the movie!

I am very happy with all the Oscar results, though I found myself suddenly wanting Gabby (I can call her that on account of not knowing her correct name) to win. She was brilliant in that movie "Precious". That ability to go that miserable when she appears to be confident and funny.

I did not approve of James Cameron being seated behind the ex Mrs all night. I wonder if Katheryn had a bad head ache following all the daggers that were aimed at the back of her head.

I thought part of the set looked like a bunch of table lamps and I really felt that Lauren Bacall should have had the opportunity to make a speech during that ceremony.

George of course looked gloriously, fantastically handsome, confident and younger.
I find myself not knowing if I would prefer to be Tina Fey or Georges current girlfriend?

I admit (slightly blushing as I share this) that I still whisper an Oscar acceptance speech.
It has finally dawned on me, tonight at 10:42 as I wait for the Tylenol PM to work, that 100% belief in something does not make it happen. I forgot about the "action" part.

On this desk where an Oscar would/could/should stand I see that there are four books.
"Screenwriting", beneath "The Work we were Born to do" beneath "Who moved my Cheese" on top of "Century of Struggle".

As I say...says it all!

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