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Thursdays Visitors

Thursdays stars said I would have visitors to my door.

These callers could include people in the sciences, or in the occult, or people who deal with money, such as bankers, investment counselors, or real estate brokers.

What a weird bunch that would be in my living room. A witch of the occult called Etnarina talking to Harold the insurance broker.

Nobody came to the door, and if the doorbell would have rung I would have turned off the lights and hidden on the floor.

I wish my stars could be a little more optimistic in their invitation for visitors. I may have felt more inspired to read that I could expect George Clooney and a man from the lottery board with a two million check for me.

Talking of George Clooney - if he was not who he was that name would conjure up a really skinny boring geek guy with a degree in acne and math. I'm just talking out loud!


My Dearest Concentration,

Why did you break up with me? I don't understand it.
What did I do wrong?
My fear is that I over worked you. Left you with far too many chores. I know I took you for granted and for that I will never forgive myself. That is possibly due to having you around for 40 odd years.

Please let me know we are only on a break. I cannot imagine living without you. The days feel longer without that focus and energy you so freely gave. My tasks sit in front of me, mocking me with their grand scale and nasty grins to match.

Yes I admit I cheated on you with food and too much coffee. Yes I admit that at times I put my success down to Red Bull. Now I am on my knees begging you, please my true love return.

Always -


Break The Rules

A good friend of mine writes a great newsletter. The recent addition talks about change.

I need a change, so today I have titled Break The Rules Day.

I am a fan of theme days, have often enjoyed them and seen the benefits. The Pink and Gold Theory developed from a theme day and that is pure art in motion. I may have already discussed Pink and Gold in a previous blog, if not, go visit with Brenda and she will tell you all about it.

My last theme days were interesting. One the other month was where I said YES to everything. I ended up with having to complete two proposals by the end of that day (adding to my work load dramatically) and agreed to being in a diet competition which I am losing badly at! (And of course not LOSING weight!)
I swear at some point in time I was at a hypnosis show and they put a spell on me to react by over eating when anyone says the word diet.

I had an Anna Wintour day this week, inspired from seeing the DVD of The September Issue. It was mildly effective. All dres…