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Double Whammie

OK, this made me laugh and deserves to be shown in one blog.

On Thursday my stars said....

A passionate letter or phone call could come from a close friend or romantic partner. The person may be confused and rather tormented by his feelings, Jayne. Be kind and sensitive to him!

How exciting I thought! Then of course how disrespectful are my stars? Why does the passionate letter I receive have to be from someone who is confused and tormented!

What??? Do I no longer deserve the attention from someone whose thoughts become happier when they add my name?

Why I can't I be the receiver of a true passionate love letter? Remember those? The days of writing carefully and spraying perfume over the page. The times you practised your signature so that it looked inspiring and lustful at the same time. The days that you chose words such as desire, longing and my heart whispers your name with every beat.

So I spent the day, secretly hoping to receive an actual letter and yet fearing that if I did it …