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Mondays Lack of reality

On Monday my stars said........

Today is a good day for meditation, Jayne.

Excuse me dear stars, its a work day. How can I do that? Some days I drive into work chanting "today is a great day!" I have an hours commute so that'salot of great day thoughts. I have the feeling though the stars mean more of an ooommmmmm, legs crossed, open palm meditation.

You have probably been trying to distract yourself from some unresolved issues through too much shopping or eating.

Sounds like a solution to me!

It would do you some good to get outside and connect with nature. Try taking a long walk in a park or forest.

It's freezing out there! I'm not walking anywhere.

You are much more likely to find perspective there than at the mall.

Perspective could be/should be a store full of free books, coffee and shoulder massages.
I'm just suggesting that may also be fun!

I love how my stars always have a kind of a mystic quality about them. The mention of distant lands, of long walks and d…

Superbowl Sunday - Go the Saints

On Sunday my Stars said..........

You may not be terribly impressed with the activity going on around you, Jayne, but this does not mean that you have to be miserable because of it. This is no time to sit back and let others take the lead. If you see something that you don't agree with, step up and make it known.

I do not understand sport at all - especially anything where running occurs. So thank you for the advice, but I did not feel it appropriate to phone up The Colts and tell them where they were going wrong.

I was excited for the Superbowl to be on - simply for the occasion, tradition and in the end to celebrate.

I love New Orleans. Arrived there years ago after a long and interesting Greyhound bus ride from Florida. I discovered the odd joy that is a Butterfinger during that trip. That sounds so wrong, but you know what I mean.

New Orleans is incredible. I cannot imagine facing anything like they went through and are still going through.

So my British congrats to New Orleans!


Saturdays - Popeye Discovery

On Saturday my stars said....

Good news from distant lands could find you feeling good about your life, eagerly anticipating the upcoming months. Your thinking is sharp and clear, Jayne, so this is a good day to make plans of any kind, particularly if they involve travel or education.

Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, no, can't think of anything.
I'm not sure if I was thinking that clearly as I walked into the gym. Yes, you read correctly I walked into the gym. I am not going to elaborate, so don't ask!

Anyway I was walking, holding on for dear life, eyes trying to avoid the food network (why do they do that in a gym?? It is severe punishment.) I was walking between ESPN, a weird channel with pirates on it and the movie Jerry Maguire. As Tom Cruise made out with whats her name, I discovered I was the only person "working out" who could not stop yawning.

Another thing I noticed was Popeye's grandson. I watched him lift a few weights for a minute and then walk around for at lea…