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The self indulgent Tuesday blog

Tuesdays stars said

A long-awaited vacation, or even a move you've been hoping to make, could finally be made possible today, Jayne.

I have been waiting for a vacation for about 6 years. I have had time off and should not complain. It was great to have Mum here for the Christmas and New Year. I would not exchange that for anything.
I am talking about the type of beach vacation though - I have not had one of those in years AND for the record have only had one week in FL with my husband, ever!

I want to lay on a beach with my husband in Hawaii. I would even get up and swim and walk and read and snooze and smile and dance and do all those things they do on the "Sandals" commercials. I would even look good wearing white linen trousers with hair that is suddenly blond. I would even lay in a hammock, my fear of falling is not a good match for hammocks - yet in Hawaii - surely a fear of anything would not exsist?

My stars continue to say...
Before you go, however........

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