Monday, January 11, 2010

The Bachelor

I interrupt my regular stars reaction to give a television reaction.

Tonight I get home from work at about 7:30pm. Do the usual blissful return to Kansas stuff (you know take the bra off, take the boots off - same relief) and say to myself "just 30 minutes doing nothing in front of the TV and then I will go upstairs and do some more work".

Two hours later I leave the sofa, and why? Because of the show The Bachelor!

What an incredible show for keeping one hooked to watch such nonsense.
They say its a reality show, they say they are on it to find true love, I don't believe a word of it and yet I can not stop watching.

I would never be picked to appear on such a show. Well, I'm married, in my forties and very round - aside from that though; I do not run anywhere, I do not own a million outfits, I do not squeal before speaking and I do not check my fingers for mascara when I cry.

The editors are so clever with these shows. If one wants to write a thriller, you should watch an episode to receive a master class in suspense and how to grab the apt attention from the hands of an innocent TV remote controller.

They also, always cast someone who says "but I love him" in a baby voice, and someone who says "but I love him" like Kathy Bates in Misery and someone who never, ever blinks.

I was riveted and I really hope handsome pilot guy does find his true romance - I just hope I am not watching it develop for the next thirteen Mondays in a row.

Now onto work...anyone want to watch me for two hours?

Favorite Song of the Day: We Are The Champions - Queen
Favorite Food of The Day: Take Out Chinese Lunch Special

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