Monday, November 15, 2010


I flew back from Baltimore today.

A gorgeous little boy called Max was in front of me as we were boarding the plane. He was well prepared for his day, wearing penguin pajamas and Spiderman socks. His was an adorable face as we exchanged big grins, it was great.
He looked at his nanny (must have been because of youthful appearance) and said pointing at me - "that woman is having a baby."

Response one: This is great, because he views me as pregnant rather than fat. Fantastic, I at last fit into a different category. I must have been blooming and looking tranquil and at peace. My eyes shining with excitement and hope of the future.

Response Two: Pregnant?!!!!!!!!! That would be so typical of my life that I turn out to be a modern Mother Virgin Mary. I have after all been asking for miracles. When my current constipation phase finally ends - I will bring relief to the world not just for myself. Could be interesting.

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