Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vegas Baby

It started with a week end in Vegas.
I travelled down memory lane into fun, glamor, new stuff, talent, pure entertainment.
While others drained their pockets and themselves of energy, I could feel myself re fueling like a spark chasing up the fuse line.
The explosion has hit. I just can not do what I have been doing any more.
I have not been true for over three years. I have to make changes.

Now I am on a trip to face what I must. The clock may now only have a year - so if I do not link my arms with my partner in lame, I know this will have been one last dance that I sat out while longing to take center stage.

I hope that is cryptic, because this is purely for me.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas -
Not for me.
I believe I stole a pink feather boa
and I want to wear it daily.

Thank you very much!

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