Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why my work is a TV reality show

Here is a preview on what would/could/should be a great new reality show.......

EPISODE SET UP: It is the day before a large multi program. Meaning one client is doing three events at the same time. That's alot of materials, logistics, staff and worries.

1) Jayne has a weird toothache, which makes talking painful and she now sounds like a baby Marlon Brando. The GodBaby Part One - 3 D. With subtitles.
2) There has been a flood in the office and certain event materials are sitting in a puddle.
3) All of the materials can not fit into the car - so two trips to the venue are planned.
4) By the way it is pouring with rain and ALL clients are phoning to change their outside events to indoor ones.
5) Jayne gets lost on the return and a twenty minute trip becomes 1 hour 30 minutes.
6)Another client decides that they wish to double the amount of items that have been planned for. With only a days notice to make that happen.
7) Despite screams - they can make it happen.
8) It's still raining.
9) Jayne drives back to the venue. Another client phones with a problem.She is solving it when her phone dies.
10)Eventually setting up at the venue, Jayne realizes that there are some materials missing. No problem she will phone the office. It's only 6:30pm.
11) Remembering her cell phone is dead, she smiles as she knows she packed the charger in her bag. Well, A charger is in the bag but not the right one.
10) There is a frantic run to the business center to send an email.
11) Back in the room to set up - she notices a drip coming from ceiling. Looking up we find The Bulge From The Center of the Moon just waiting to burst. Jayne moves everything and is told it will be fixed in the morning.
12) Great, she is leaving and it's only 8:30pm. Client catches her and invites her for dinner.
13) Dinner an hour later arrives in the form of a sandwich as they sit in silence in a room while client works and Jayne yawns.
14) On the morning of the day - a coffee stain is found on Jaynes shirt. Fortunately her dear husband comes to the rescue with his white shirt.
15) Event is wonderful. Simply wonderful.
16) Husband admits that Jayne looks really fat in the white shirt.
17) Stranger asks Jayne if she works at McDonalds because she looks like she is wearing the uniform.

See - how enjoyably addictive would that be?

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