Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Vacations are brilliant and I have decided to become addicted to them. Please let me know if you wish to be my enabler.

I was on Block Island with my husband for a week. Block Island is named to sound like an Australian prison in order to keep people away. It is however a beautiful, tiny place in Rhode Island.

We stayed in a quaint, expensive (thank you in laws!) bed & breakfast in the heart of town.

It boasted rooms with individual names and characters such as Chantilly, Renaissance and Lovers Retreat. Due to a busy season, we had the experience of staying in a couple of different rooms during our visit.

In The Dollshouse it was not possible for both of us to stand up at the same time and there was no wardrobe and when you pack as heavy as we do this was of concern!

In the Renaissance I found myself thinking this is old fashioned and lovely, yet if I were in my Mums house I would be dragging her to Ikea and ripping off the floral wallpaper with my teeth.

I loved sitting on the front porch and watching the people pass on their rented bicycles. The healthy ones smiling and pedalling and the sweaty ones hoping that breathing skills would not be forgotten by the top of the hill.
I enjoyed hearing pieces of conversations, my favorite one being "you remember that kid, he shot the bus driver in the back of the head". Ahh, childhood!

WARNING - True Confession Time.............
I could not help but hope to see a shark fin while looking at the sea.
While sitting on the dock watching the ferries, a Brinks Van unloaded and I thought what a great place for a robbery.

I think I'm turning into Tarantino.

When you go on vacation - you also have the opportunity of returning back to work and home with fresh eyes, and you can experience the evaporation back into that stress mold with the same slow horror that you feel when you realize you have been foot tapping to a country and western song.
You want to scream "nooooooooooooooo" as you notice particular locations in your life now represent a squat including flies. That people in your life decline lunch with you because they went grocery shopping the day before and that certain clients in your life expect you to customize in a fun creative style words like Anti-Angiogenesis and Immunomodulator.

As my Uncle Dick always says: you're only saying that because it's true!

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  1. Umm. Country music rocks, Ms. Jayne.

    Welcome back anyway, I wouldn't cancel lunch with you even if I had gone grocery shopping. Now, if I had been to the liquor store, well, that might be a different story! (You drive, I'll pour!)

    *the blogosphere reminds you to always drink responsibly.*


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