Friday, August 20, 2010

Long dull monologue about lack of sleep

I can't sleep. I hate that.
At 9pm tonight I wanted to sleep. I have an exciting Thursday TV plan in order to get to bed at 9pm and read for an hour. I watch the re run episode of Project Runway instead of the new one at 9pm. I know, it's genius.

So I go to bed at 9pm open my book and my eyes are drifting at 9:05pm. I want to get into work early tomorrow so I switch off the light to sleep and BING, I'm awake.

It is now 2:30am. I have tried reading, worrying, trying to meditate, counting sheep, counting do nuts, getting up to watch Craig Ferguson. (He's funny, I love his timing!) Going back to bed, counting sheep, worrying, thinking, planning.

Going through the traditional dialogue from the over worked versus low self esteem point of view.
If I got up now and wrote the scavenger hunt for next week, that would be good.
I should be getting up to write my novel. Why does work come first? I could get up to write my blog. I have nothing to say. Write the scavenger hunt. Go to sleep. Why do all my teeth ache?
Oh look, my legs and feet look like a giraffe chewing grass. Get up write the scavenger hunt.

Oh please why can't I sleep????

It's fortunate that tomorrow is Look Like a Zombie at Work Day!!! Those old black eyes that I know so well!

It's not fair to wake the other family members. Especially Max The Cat who has had a busy day sleeping!!! Do cats ever snore? What if I never slept again? Wouldn't that be annoying. Maybe all the cups of coffee and the infamous Red Bull I have ever consumed have replaced my blood and now run through my veins. Maybe, this is pure jet lag from Britain and I'm in an episode of Lost and it's really 2002 again. Maybe I have finally dipped into lunacy and will be discovered on my front porch in the morning drooling about the secret to long life is not to sleep. Which would be really odd seeing as I do not have a front porch. Maybe, I'm just full of lust for experiencing every hour of the day to complete my open heart of wonder and pleasure.

It is now 3:10am............................

Oh please let me sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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